Thursday, July 22, 2010

Newborn ribbon hat pattern

Here is my latest pattern, available to you for free!

 If that does not work, I have posted the pattern below for your convenience:

Page 1
NewborN ribboN hat
Needles- US size 6 14” straight needles
Worsted weight yarn (I used lily sugar n cream yarn cone in ecru)
Cast on 58 stitches
row 1- knit
row 2- knit
row 3-(k2tog, yo) until 2 stitches remain, k2
row 4- purl
row 5-knit
row 6- purl
row 7- k2tog repeat until end of row
row 8- kfb until last stitch, k1
Page 2
row 9-knit
row 10-purl
row 11- knit
row 12-knit
row 13-knit
row 14-purl
repeat rows 13 and 14 seven times
row 29-(K7,k2tog) to end of row
row 30-purl
row 31-(k6, k2tog) to end of row
row 32-purl
row 33-(k5, k2tog) to end of row
row 34-purl
row 35-(k4, k2tog) to end of row
row 36-(p3, p2tog) to end of row
row 37-(k2, k2tog) to end of row
row 38-(p1, p2tog) to end of row
row 39-(k2tog) to end of row
At this point cut your yarn, leaving about a 2 ½ to 3 foot tail. Thread the tail through a yarn needle and
thread through remaining stitches. Take off knitting needle and pull thread to cinch remaining stitches.
Then, fold your hat in half inside-out and sew up the edge with your choice of stitch. Tie off and weave
in ends.
Cut length of ribbon about 3 feet long and thread through the eyelets at the bottom of the hat. Tie a
bow in your preferred size and trim any excess. Remember to cut the ribbon at a diagonal to help
prevent unraveling. Place on the head of a newborn baby and take in the cuteness.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Pattern: "I got a rock" Doorstop

Here is my new pattern, you can download it here.
Also, many of you have had difficulty downloading my PDF files.  So, until I can figure out how to fix this (if ever...), then I have posted the pattern below for your convenience.

“I got a rock” Doorstop
©Ashley Loring
Do not sell items made with this pattern. It may be shared/posted on other websites, but please link to me on ravelry and give me credit.
(Since all rocks are different, some of this pattern will have to be adjusted according to the size of your rock.)
Small amount of worsted weight yarn, in a rock color of your choice, maybe ¼ skein
Size E (3.5mm) crochet hook
Rock from the yard (approx. 4-5 inches in diameter), washed and dried thoroughly
Saran wrap and tape (optional)
Start with preparing your rock: After you have washed and dried it, wrap it in the saran wrap until it is
somewhat sealed. Then wrap the tape around the rock until it is covered in tape. This step is to ensure that
there is no mold growth/moisture that makes your rock smell bad in the future. I also wanted to keep from
scratching/roughing up my hook, since part of this project is worked directly on the rock.
To begin:
Sc 6 st in magic loop. (in this project, you will not join rounds with a sl st, just keep going. If you lose count, it
is not the end of the world, just estimate your progress and pick up where you can.
Rd 1: 2sc in each sc
Rd 2: (1sc in 1st sc, 2sc in next sc), repeat until end of row
Rd 3: (1sc in 1st and 2nd sc, 2sc in next sc), repeat until end of row
Rd 4: (1sc in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd sc, 2sc in next sc), repeat until end of row
Keep increasing in this fashion until your circle almost covers the rock. I worked until I could see about ¼ inch of the rock on every side of the circle when I placed it over the rock. Your project will stretch a bit to fit the odd shape of the rock, so it is better to make it too small than too big.
Once your circle is big enough, do several rows of sc until you have a bowl shape that comes about 1cm from
the bottom of the rock when you put it over the rock.
This is when you start decreasing. At this point, you will be working with the rock in your “bowl” for the rest
of the project—so put your rock in there.
Start to sc around your rock. You will notice that it is kind of tight to get your hook in, and the fabric should be tense around the rock. When you get to a point where the fabric is not clinging to the rock as tightly as it is
everywhere else, decrease by sc2tog. Depending on the shape of the rock, you may need to do 2 or 3 sc2tog
to get the fabric tight against the rock.
Continue in this fashion until you reach the end of your rock. Sc3tog for last stitch. Tie off your yarn and weave in the end. I just used my crochet hook to pull the end into the bottom of the rock, and it makes it almost invisible.
Enjoy your new doorstop/Halloween treat.