Sunday, December 12, 2010


A few things:  First, my best friend and roommate for the past 2 years, Cherish, graduated from Central Michigan University today with HONORS!  She now officially has a bachelor's degree in English with a communication minor.  And yes, that is her real first name. 

Second, I finally finished a few knitting projects for Christmas presents and got them wrapped.  You don't get to see those, but you can see what I wrapped them in, which I found at Michael's for a buck a roll last summer:

Additionally, I never showed you what I did with those chairs I upholstered a few days ago:

Considering the fact that I did not even take a picture of the table with me to get the paint for the chairs, I think I got a pretty damn close color match;  Especially considering Walmart's crappy paint color selection. 

Finally, my dog is adorable:

Seriously, the rest of my living room is spotless right now.  Duke just happens to be standing next to my giant "Tub-O-Wedding" craft supplies.  I think he was looking for Max, Cherish's rat terrier, who moved back home with his mommy today.  I sort of imagine that song, "Somewhere out there," from An American Tail, playing in his head--but that's just my weird habit of anthropomorphizing my dog.  But still, that's TOTALLY what he was hearing.

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