Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Double-Pointed Knitted Needles Storage

My DPNs frustrate me.  The current storage solution is to put them in jars on a shelf, all sizes mixed up.  I tried putting rubber bands around them with little tags containing the sizes on them to sort them, but I quickly nixed that idea upon realizing that I would almost immediately lose the rubber band with said size label after one use.  Being organizationally challenged, I realized that I need something that is simple, that I can just grab and use at a moment's notice, and that is equally easy to put away.  I also wanted it to look good.  Thus, the following project:

 3 for a buck at Dollar Tree.  I bought fifteen.  Anyone need an extra toothbrush?  I seem to have some extra at the moment...
 This spray paint is awesome, by the way. 

They are currently drying.  I took yarn and closed the cases over it so I could temporarily paint them and let them dry without having to touch them and get fingerprints on them.  I got enough drips with my impatient painting technique that they're already a bit rough-looking.  They're just going in a drawer, so as long as they look good from a distance, I don't really care.

 (I can only imagine what my poor husband thought I was doing as a new home decor project!)   

Here is their new home once they dry and have needles in them, sorted by size.

Here's the numbers I found to label the cases.

I will update once they are finished, I'm currently waiting for paint to dry!

Here's the Reveal:


  1. I am so going to make some of these tomorrow. totally awesome. thanks for sharing.

  2. how cool is that. I'm going to have to do that with my crochet hooks

  3. what an awesome idea thx for sharing

  4. Thank you for a great idea. Going to have to purchase some.

  5. Brill!! I'm going out tomorrow to get some. BTW I put clear nail polish over the sizes on the wooden needles so they don't rub off.