Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seriously, I HAVE been knitting lately!

I want to apologize for my prior posts that are not knitting-related.  I have been knitting quite a bit, actually, but I use my blog for other things, too.  I have been thinking of branching off into two blogs, but it would be an awful lot of work to update my links, websites, etc.  So, as long as my subscribers don't mind, I am going to keep it the same.  In the spirit of my blog's title, however, I thought I would post some of my recently-finished projects:

I didn't want to give this one away!  for my best friend, Cherish.

Toddler-sized version of my Baby Chucks Booties.  Brayden's dad is well-known for wearing neon colors, so I thought he and his new little brother could match daddy!

A coffee cup cozy for a supervisor at work

Fingerless mitts for my stepmom for mother's day (ssshhhh, don't tell her!)

Another Lemon Curd Slouch hat for my best friend, Julie.

Mittens for Julie

Newborn version of Chucks booties for Brayden's baby brother

Baby Chucks Booties made for my husband's pregnant coworker.

A new pattern I wrote for Baby Bear Booties
See? I have been knitting, just nothing too post-worthy in itself.  What have you been working on lately?  Post your pics in the comments!  Also, don't forget to like me on Facebook by clicking "like" in the column to the right! Thanks for your support!

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