Sunday, January 9, 2011

DIY Copycat Cake Topper

Wow, what a busy day!  My awesome fiance' took me to Michael's in Midland, about 30 miles from where I live.  My stepbrother gave me a fifty-dollar gift card for Christmas, and the fact that I didn't drive there on December 26th baffles me to this day.  However, I found out a few days ago that there was a huge sale today, which took 20% off your total purchase, sale items included!  That was incentive enough for me to wait.  In addition to some yarn and other odds and ends, I was able to finally buy the supplies for my cake topper.  Now, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with an Oreo cake.  No, not a cake with oreos in it, a "cake" shape made out of Oreos.  White trash or not, I'm gonna try to give it a little bit of class with a nice cake stand (which I have yet to buy), and a cake topper, much like what you see here, just--you know--cheaper.  While I would have loved to have 150 bucks or more to buy one of these, I don't.  I'm currently unemployed and am trying my best to be a frugal little hobo.  I mean, if I'm doing an Oreo cake, I'm totally not spending more on the topper than the freaking cake.  Come on.  Anyway, so I know it's not perfect, and I need to take a piece of sandpaper to that spot of paint on the groom's face, and I need to pick off the strings of hot glue, but this is my hobo version:

Approximate Cost:  20 dollars

Materials used:
some type of moss
tiny flowers
tiny flowers on floral wire
satin fabric (from the scrap bin)
black fabric (from the scrap bin)
white fabric (from the scrap bin)
ivory thread
toothpicks (lots of toothpicks!)
wooden doll heads
one caldrea clothespin (groom's legs/body)
acrylic paint
lots of hot glue (will I ever have fingertips again?)
wood glue
basic tools (drill/rubber mallet/dremel optional)
little wooden heart
unfinished wooden plaque
mod podge (to seal it at the end, which I have yet to do)

I don't have a tutorial posted, because I don't want to disrespect the original designer--who is clearly much more talented than me, and who used much better materials and took more time.  I'm an instant gratification kinda chick.

I do have a few progress photos, but it's mainly just the no-brainer sort of stuff. 

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  1. how about a alien??? can you do one of them little green guys that would be cool with there ship that got them here.