Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Have a Large Cranium.

I just made this hat.  I used this beautifully soft yarn I found at Knitter's Nest in Cadillac, MI (my hometown).  It's some sort of cashmere/angora/wool/super-soft-and-fluffy/blend, and I paid twelve bucks for one skein of it because I liked it that much.  It sat in my stash for almost a full year, and yesterday I started making the Chunky Cabled Beanie that I had already once attempted and pitifully failed (would not even fit on my head!).  That is still sitting around waiting to be frogged* because I love the yarn I had used (Dive Autumno in Moss).   Since it's 2am and I've been up knitting, cleaning puppy urine, browsing job postings and watching trashy television for a few hours now, I'm going to bed. But I wanted to post this because it makes me feel more accomplished so there.  I'm going to try my hand at blocking** this thing tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes.

Handy References for non-knitters:
*Frogged- When a project turns out like crap and you unravel it, roll the yarn back up into a ball and wait to be inspired to use it on a different project.
**Blocking-  When a wool or other animal-fiber yarn creation is finished, the maker often will stretch and pin it into the final shape, spritz it with a bit of water, and allow it to dry overnight. this makes for a neater finished product.  Also useful for too-small hats.  Blocking is done in lieu of ironing because the heat would affect the quality and texture of the wool in ways I dont' feel like explaining this late, so just think "shrunken sweater."

P.S.  I just looked to my left and saw this:

UPDATE:  Even if I did block this hat, it isn't very flattering.  It's going to be gifted instead.  To someone with a smaller head.

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