Saturday, January 1, 2011

More to Love Bridal Garter Pattern

I was looking at prices for wedding garters online, and I was mortified:  20 dollars for a little piece of ribbon and some elastic.  Seriously?  Well I'm wayyy too cheap to actually pay for something like that, so I started looking on Ravelry for garter patterns (particularly for chunky legs, like mine).  I found some cute ones, but most of them had picot stitches in them.  For some reason I hate picot stitches.  I can never do them right, and mine always look weird even when they do turn out right.  For this and other reasons, I sat down and designed my own garter, and now I pass that pattern on to you, my lovely chubbettes.  You can purchase it for a mere $2.00 at the link shown.  That is a total bargain, considering the cost of other garters, the little time involved in making this, and the low cost of materials to do so.  enjoy!

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